ICAPAS 2021: Making Sense of Post-COVID19

13 Oktober 2021 to 14 Oktober 2021 09.00 - 17.00

What is ICAPAS 2021

Theme:  Making Sense of Post-COVID19

The pandemic has turned the world upside down. The previously steady and undisturbed social life at schools, offices, and art events all suddenly evaporates into thin air. All at once, we are left wondering, is this the world we want? Life in isolation, loneliness, obscurity, and even in fear of being infected. These situations force us to reconsider what truly matters in life and underlies our reality. Despite the horrendous perplexity, we must comprehend our circumstances, use our ability to define them, and alter the direction of our reality. Yet, the sense of existence and experience of its totality eludes our semantic understanding.

We used to rely on the excellence of medical advancement and technocratic governance to secure our future, but we are humbled by the vastness and uncertainty of this pandemic. Out of despair, we may find solace in art. Not by its ability to control the pandemic, but solely by our fondness for it. Art may not speak the language of power and control, but we can use it to care for ourselves and hopefully also for others.

As the ramification of the pandemic getting clearer, endless avenues are ardently pursued. Shed light on them and share your profound thoughts. Thereupon, you are invited to think radically and to present your ideas:

Topics (Not limited to):

  • Media and the immediateness of performing arts
  • Silence and the return of noise in the environment
  • Visual imaginaries in the world of crisis
  • Touching and caring in the post-COVID19 art world •
  • roken and healed aesthetic sensibility
  • Teaching arts without direct engagement

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